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Al-Hurriya (Freedom)

I am free. I am free.
A leaf released by the tree.
A gentle hand from gravity.
I am free.

Grass surrenders by my feet.
Dirt removes its self from my streets.
All for one and one for me.
“Al-Hurriyah!” is all my heart screams.

Snap. My path turns to black.
An order heard, its demand “go back”.
Now. Soldier’s hand grips steel.
These are my feet. This is our field.

Drop of blood. Cloth clings to me.
Red spreads. A symbol of the insides of me.
To the eyes of the barrel, it pleads.
A bold depth. An insight into the insides of me.

Hands fall to the grass. A reminder. It’s green.
A reminder of the insides of me.
I may have imagined but I know what I see.
My land of mine appoints possession to me.
“This earth and those birds and those skies, all them trees,
We are yours, Black, Red and Green.”

One thing missing. Where’s my Land’s purity.
A flash of white light blinds my greens and his blues.
He falls to his knees. Hatred confused.
To the beat of his breath, slow, overdue,
The grass whispers in my ears,

For you.

Inspired by the story of Waleed (12 years old) in Palestine who survived being shot by the army due to the army mistakenly killing their own soldier and ultimately saving his life.

A bit about the poem: verse three is referring to the israeli-enforced curfew upon the Palestinian people. The colours of the Palestinian flag are represented throughout the poem in a show of patriotism from the boy and his land; the black of the barrel gun; the greenness of the grass; the red blood of the boy and ultimately the white flash from the gun that kills the soldier and regains the land’s purity.
The white flash and the soldier’s blue eyes are also representative of the state of israel, which dies an undignified and cheap death.


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