Word Clips

Give Me Grass!

You ever feel like you just really need to be at the sea? Curl some grass around your fingers? Smell snowdrops? I do. I feel like that often, I’m feeling it now. I want to sit on the roots with by back against a tree, shaded from the glow of the sun. I want to dance along the square rocks of Western Harbour until I get to the algae. I want to smell the salt, be consumed by the beauty of the sea. Of life.  And I want to sit there for hours and just sit there. Reconnect with the other pieces of the puzzle of creation, reconnect with my beginning, and accustom myself to my end. I want to breathe again. To feel my world. I need it.

It’s here, all around me, so what my permeable barrier? Technology is drowning me – i feel so saturated that I can’t fit any real part of me in. And it’s ugly. So so so ugly. A black square computer screen. A plastic and glass mobile. I even tried encasing it in green but it still depresses me. Monitor after monitor. Plastic and Metal and Rubber! I’m choking! Suffocating! I want life, yet I’m drowning in dead.

Time Out! Give me my world!.

Give Me Grass Western Harbour Snow Drops Sunrise in Scotland

P.s. The next time you pass a snow drop, bend down and smell it. It smells of honey and purity combined. It smells of life. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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