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Lessons on Senses

I’m a science, English and Maths tutor for young people. Recently I was teaching about the senses. This class was so humbling.

Listen to the world, I told my student. Your ears will save your life. You see that car? WHOOOSH!
It just missed you! Because you listened.
Try it again…

Pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter

Beautiful, isn’t it? Feel it in your heart. Enjoy the outburst of nature, of life playing in tune with life. One more time.
Can you describe it?
“It sounds like strength. Like power.”
Yes it is! It is life! Tell me it again. More adjectives please!
“It sounds like it can move mountains, uproot trees. I’d run if I saw it.”
A describing word, my boy! Not a describing phrase! Give me an adjective!
“It sounds scary. Confident. Purposeful. Alive!” Good child. Now give me the noun.
“Wind?” Give it with confidence, purpose, strength! Life playing in tune with life!


And that is the most blinding of senses. You have 5. Name them. “Smell,” STOP! The next time you walk past a bunch of snow drops, pick one up. Hold it under your two holes of revelation and sniff. Sniiifffffff! Aaaah. It smells of purity. Beauty. White and green and yellow. Simply beautiful. Snow drops is a disappoint name choice. Heaven scented pearl drops is more apt, I think.



One thought on “Lessons on Senses

  1. Subhanallah, I pray your students would realize how lucky they are to have a wonderful teacher like you. Wallaahi, I envy them!

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