My Family Chart

Had 4 long ago,
A different world from what I now know.
Then one slipped off the family chart.
He flew away, left just broken hearts.
But I remember him, his sweet tired smile.
I’m glad I knew you once.

So now 3 remain, but not for long,
The same hand of the devil was just too strong.
It stole away from right under my nose.
Just another person in my family gone.

Then the 3rd disappeared, almost overnight.
He changed, he converted, my uncle out of sight.
I don’t know where he went, I presume far away.
I don’t think he ever really liked this place.

so my last uncle remained, altered by stress.
He’s gone now though, it was the ultimate test.
This one was a dad, by far the best.
Well so I thought, but he’s left like the rest.



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