Uncle Shoaib

The Protein Cycle

You come out of your shell,
You take your first step.
A new life awaits you,
A new fate, a new death.

You take your first drink like you take your first step.
It gets too much, and your balance isn’t kept.

So you fall, you get back up, and you try it again.
This time it takes more baby steps to get you tumbling.
Then comes the big one,
And you fall
And You fall
And you fall,
All the way down.

So your stomach gets pumped,
You’re problem sorted.
A new friendly hand to catch your falls.
But it takes just one day,
Disappointment pushes that hand away,
And in its place, you put a bottle.
And you walk,
And you gulp.
And you run,
And you gulp.
And you fly,
Then you drop.

Now you’re a big boy, in a hospital bed,
a woman on your arms, a baby in your bed.


You get out alive and you walk for a while, then you fly.


So you’re out and your glad,
“not a drop not a drag”
But your promise dies.
You will soon be reunited.

And you’re gone
… … …

Just like that.


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