My Poems

The Bird of Patience

Patience pushed out.
Dripping blood alone,
Like the stain from a stab.

Just like that stab,
It seeps, without patience.
I can’t find a drop of purity within it.
Just red.

Perhaps the dove flew away.
Perhaps it took my patience in its wings.
The thief!
If I find it I will kill it. Wallah o Billah,
I will spill it’s blood like anger spilled mine.
I will twist it’s neck until i hear it’s bone snap!

But I couldn’t catch it.
I saw it fly into the sea.
And now I am patient. I recall how to be.
It’s in my head. When I think clearly,
I find what I wish.

But I see that bird again,
I’m about to catch it and kill it!
Stab it! Pluck it’s pretty little feathers!
Spill the blood on the sand.. Relish every moment!
Oh come lower. Fly lower!

I missed, the stupid ugly bird.
God is merciful.
By His mercy I’ve refound my patience.

As long as that bird stays away.


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