My Poems


Call me biased.
I take pride in my opinion.
In its existence and will.
A masterpiece of my mind.
Call me biased,
If I think black I will not say white.
And if this truth offends you,
Perhaps you’re on the wrong side.

Call me biased in my world of PC.
Hint want you mean.
Retreat to safety.
But I do not bow to pressures
Of this drunk-eyed society.

Call me biased.
2 tuts and a look away.
Your eyes were meant for the blind.
Let me tell you what I see,
I don’t mind your fingers pointing at me.

But I am biased. Excuses.
Hide your clogged thoughts with a smear.
Biased. As though biased removes all credit
Of what I drummed in your ear.

So call me biased.
Watch me smash the egg shells you caress,
Watch me somersault over your fine line.
From your cowardly correctness, watch me transgress
As I prove to you that white is white, and red is still red.


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