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A Toothless Smile For Me

A peer through the glass,
My senses to my feet.
He sits alone, bathing in cotton,
A toothless smile for me.

He’s awake today.
Sitting up and breathing his rusty breath.
He’s alive today.
Stared death down. He refused to leave.
Today he sits up independently.
Fire in his eyes.
A toothless smile for me.

I remove my coat.
Too many germs.
Wash my hands with a foul gel.
Because the gel killed the germs,
It gave life to the dead.
Mid-spreading its poison smell.

A bald head, soft to my lips.
Musk in my nose. His bed at my tips.
I rest in the chair. Phone charger in place.
What beautiful distraction will he provide today?

I hear of the nurses. How silly and dumb.
How they hurt him with 4 injections for one draw of blood.
How the man that helped him shower was a fool in a box.
And the niece that fed him made a mess of his cot.

He liked this one though. She was gentle and smiled.
Didn’t force conversation when he was tired.
And that one was funny. Always laughing so Loud.
And this one demanded he walk around.
“Ask for tea. They’ll give it to you.
Get a blanket. Here’s my pillow too.”

I take a pillow. I have some tea.
I only do it so your eyes see comfort in me.
I love this room. I love you here.
I love this truth you forced me to hear.
I adore this seat right next to you.
I love seeing the moon from your tinted view.

So don’t fret over my comfort.
Don’t you worry about me.
This room is a perfection.
An imagine of clarity.
Give me the world for choice,
So I can make you see
There’s no place I’d rather be.

One last request, I know you want me to leave.
But you have an old gift, wrapped so cheekily.
Accompany your sparkle, dance your eyebrows.
So unique! Give me my surprise,
A toothless smile for me.



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