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Delusions of a Newly-Wed

She talks of love and the pain involved,
Describes it lonely and dark.
A desolate place she speaks of,
That cages her lonely heart.

How do I tell her she’s got it all wrong?
Real love is not of that kind.
How do I explain its been twisted by love songs,
Corrupted and mis-defined?

That Disney lied and love needs mature.
Not diamonds, big dresses and smiles.
Contrary to Hollywood’s lessons on life,
Completeness comes from inside.

A million bolts holds structure and shape.
Patience and love keep the fragments in place.
Efficient turns keep the rust far away
Though drops of salt will beg it to stay.

So you see a unit does not form instantly.
Takes time and effort to build a safe family.
Love guides us on. Loves makes us stay.
We are Love, It has no infinite property.

So refuse the lessons from your black screen.
They spend millions on creating pretty ladies in scenes.
Where is the truth if you’re paying to see?
Love isn’t a bubble of make-belief.


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