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Layers and layers of netting hide

What it is from what you see.

God has pulled down your eyelids

Out of love and protection for me.

And yet still you see more,

So much more than the other eyes see.

Beautiful eyes see beauty everywhere,

You are looking at you, not me.



2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Interesting way to see it! Quite a similar logic to TVs I guess. The Inputs received by all TVs are all the same, but different TVs would display with various shades of qualities. Similar to that of eyesight. Everything is just stimulus interpreted and projected by the brain (which I’m sure you could explain this better than me haha). Great work ^_^

    1. You’re so right! A rubbish TV can take a beautiful image and strip it entirely of its beauty, whilst a good TV will take a bad image and emphasise the colours and shading until it is beautiful. The image becomes a manifestation of the TV, depending on its inner quality.

      This is an incredible analogy! Thanks and you too!

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