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Why I Hate Ego

It’s deceiving. Oxymoronic in the most ironic way.
So much self-love and insecurities at play.
“I can’t tell her I love her in case she turns me away,
But she must love this flawless perfection anyway.”

So which is it?
Where do I fit,
In this tug of war between your feelings and fears?
All this chasing and chatting and vague admissions of truth?
All this hypocrisy and cowardice and reflections of you.
All this, “I’m great and you’ve fallen – admit it!”
This sinning and misleading addiction.
The verdicts that force me to close my mouth,
pull my hands back and put my eyes down.

They say love is blind. But that’s a lie.
Ego blocks light, it’s left us paralysed.
So we both want, and we both don’t.
We both think the other doesn’t know.
And it’s all because of Ego.



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