All About Mimi’s Glasses

Hello, Peace be with you and welcome to my blog! I’m Muslim, female, Scottish and I have a lot to say! A  lot of what I write comes from a time where I wasn’t particularly conscious of my Creator, hence it does not represent the Religion.

My work does and doesn’t reflect me today; often I’ll hear a story and write through the eyes of the character. All that I write is not from my story. But I’m 19 – my work does have swearing, love and self-discovery.

Poetry is one of life’s fascinations for me. Anger, hate, frustration, love, beauty, humility and all things powerful are expressed best through poetry. So here you’ll find some of that, some clips from my brain and possibly my journey of spirituality. I want you to see my world, and for that you’ll need my mood-tinted glasses.


Mimi x


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